Terms and Conditions

Here you will find our terms written in plain English. These terms are an agreement between you (both as a user of this website and on behalf of your company) and Granted. By using this website, you agree to Section 1 (If you use the Granted website) and Section 3 (Our privacy and cookies policy) of these terms. You will be given the choice to agree to Section 2 (The Granted Services) at the same time that you are asked for payment details.
Section 1: If you use the Granted website

Your account: You must keep your account details safe and confidential. If you suspect that someone else knows your account details, you must tell us as soon as possible. We may suspend or disable any account if we are concerned about the security of the website and its users or that the website may not be used as intended.

Intellectual Property: Granted is the owner of all intellectual property rights in this website. You may view, download and print extracts of this website for your personal use and draw the attention of others within your organisation to this website. You must not use any part of this site or its content for commercial purposes without our prior agreement in writing. If you pay to use Granted, you will receive a licence to use materials on this site for the purpose of retaining, motivating and recruiting your employees. Please see section 2.

Changes to this website: We may make changes to these terms and to the website at any time. You agree to be bound by these changes. If you are in any doubt, please check that you understand the most recent version of these terms. These terms were last updated on 2 January 2018. Who this website is for: This website is only intended for owners, managers and advisors of companies incorporated and trading in England and Wales. The purpose of this website and our liability: The information on this website which you can access without payment is provided only to help you to decide whether to pay for the services outlined in section 2. You may not rely on this information for any other purpose. We are not liable to you for any loss other than as set out in section 2.

Your information: this website includes a number of questionnaires about you, your company, and how you would like to reward your employees. You authorise Granted to use this information and any other information we collect to:

  • assess the suitability of the services in section 2 for you, your companies, and your employees,
  • provide the services in section 2,
  • contact you and discuss your answers with you.

We will not provide your information to any third party without your consent unless we are required to do so by law or requested to do so by a government or regulatory body.

Section 2: The Granted services
Granted will ask you to agree to the terms in this section 2, at the same time we ask you for payment. Granted provides two services: establishing your EMI plan, and administering your EMI plan.

Establishing your EMI plan

Granted will:

  • provide you with the documents you need to set up an option plan for your employees
  • provide instructions on how to sign the documents
  • provide an online portal for you to view your company’s documents.

The option plan will be a ‘simple EMI plan’. See ‘how it works’ for what we mean by this.

Administering your EMI plan

Granted will:

  • register your plan and the options you have granted to your employees with HMRC
  • inform you if there are changes to legislation which may impact on your EMI plan
  • be available to answer occasional queries about your EMI plan.

Your cooperation

In order for Granted to provide these services, you will need to:

  • provide us with accurate information
  • respond promptly to questions
  • ensure that you are authorised to join Granted on behalf of your company
  • obtain consent from each employee you want to motivate to provide their personal data to Granted

Standard of service

Granted is intended as a low cost alternative to lawyers and other professional advisors to provide a simple way to motivate your employees. You are responsible for informing yourself or seeking advice on whether Granted is appropriate, and the tax, legal and financial implications of using Granted. Granted may provide you with guidance and respond to queries. It is our choice as to the extent and completeness of any guidance and responses which we provide, and this may vary according to the resources we have available. When we indicate that we will take action within a specific timeline, we will make all reasonable efforts to do so.


You must make any payments to Granted on the date you agreed. If payments are late, we will:

  • claim compensation and interest to the extent allowed by law,
  • appoint a third party to assist with or collect payment on behalf of Granted, and
  • suspend any services until you have made all outstanding payments.

VAT will be added to fees at the appropriate rate.

If you are not happy with Granted

You must inform Granted that you are unhappy, with clear reasons, as soon as possible. We will deal with any complaint politely and propose a remedy if possible. You agree to provide Granted with a reasonable opportunity to provide a remedy. Granted is only liable for any losses in connection with Granted:

  • if they are not the result of your breach of these terms, any action or inaction by you or circumstances beyond our control, and
  • up to a maximum of all payments you have made to Granted in the 12 months up to the date of any claim.


You may cancel the services in this section 2 at any time, by giving us clear notice in writing (which includes email). If you cancel before the end of a minimum term for Granted, the payments due for the remainder of the term become payable immediately. Granted may also cancel the services in this section 2 at any time by giving notice to you.

Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing

Granted must take certain actions required by law to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. In connection with this, we may request from you, and retain, such information and documentation as we require for these purposes and/or make searches of appropriate databases. This includes information about, and verification of, your identity (and the identity of other shareholders in the company, including beneficial owners).

Section 3: Our privacy and cookies policy

Use of cookies on our website

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto your computer when you visit certain websites and allows a website to recognise a user’s computer. We use cookies to provide you with certain functionality (such as to enable access to secure log-in areas and to save you having to re-enter information into product or website forms) and to personalize our product or website content. Without cookies, this functionality would be unavailable. By using our products and websites you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device. This website uses a number of tools provided by Google, Inc, Hotjar Ltd and Intercom, Inc. The purpose of these tools is to analyse how the website is used, and to provide feedback to us so that we can improve our marketing, the functionality of this website and the service we offer. All information is collected, stored and processed anonymously and in a form that makes it impossible for us identify you from this data, unless you expressly provide contact information to us.

Here is a description of the specific tools and how we use them:

Google Analytics: we use information about how users find the site (e.g. a paid advert, a search engine, or a link from another website), about the users themselves (including broad categories relating to age, geographic location and gender) and how users use the website (including the order in which pages are viewed and how long pages are viewed for). We use this information to identify how to best allocate our marketing budget, to understand how to refine adverts for our service and to identify changes to our website.

Google Tag Manager: we this tool to record when certain buttons are clicked and forms are completed, so we can make the website as user friendly as possible.

Hotjar analytics: we use information about how users use the website (including where users click, which pages they view, the length of time they are viewed for and more generally how users navigate the website) so we can make the website as user friendly as possible.

Hotjar polls and surveys: we use feedback provided by users from polls and surveys to understand how we can improve the website and any other aspect of our service.

Intercom: Intercom provides a tool to create, organise and publish articles and for our team members to chat directly with users. We use information from intercom to understand how these articles are viewed, so that we can improve them and whether to add, delete or supplement articles.

How do I restrict or delete cookies?

The cookies we use are essential for parts of the website to operate, some may have already been set. You may delete and block all cookies from this website, but please be aware that restricting or deleting cookies may impact on the functionality of the website. Your web browser may allow you to restrict or delete cookies set by this website. The Help function within your browser should tell you how. Alternatively, you can visit www.allaboutcookies.org which provides general information about cookies and how you can manage cookies on your computer.