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A Granted EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) scheme is a simple, cost effective and fast way to give options and shares to your employees.

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Register for free and complete an online questionnaire to find out instantly if your company and employees are eligible.

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Employee details

Fill in online details of each employee you want to give equity to, and how much you want to give them.

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Document creation

Access online and download a full set of documents for board approval and to hand to employees for signing.

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We handle the admin

Granted’s administration service will deal with HMRC in relation to your plan, maintain records and be on call to help.

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The Granted team are experienced specialists, who have helped over 1,000 companies give equity to their employees, over a period of 20 years.

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* Excluding VAT. Subscriptions are for a minimum of 12 months. Want a more bespoke service? See our bolt-ons

Take your stress away...

Granted will act as your agent to deal with HMRC to register your plan, register each employee’s equity award and make annual filings.

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It’s simple…

With Granted you can create a ‘simple EMI plan’. That’s a plan which gives each participant a share of the cash when your business is sold.

This could save millions in tax using UK government tax reliefs, and empowers the board to decide how to treat employees who leave.

A simple EMI plan is written in plain English by legal experts.

We’ve got depth…

A simple plan is often best. But complexity can’t always be avoided – employees leave, disputes arise, businesses change. Our experts can help if things get complicated.

Granted is part of the RM2 Partnership, the most experienced specialist employee share scheme advisors in the UK, including business, legal and financial experts.

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