The 8 Big Mistakes Made by Business Owners When Setting up an Employee Share Scheme

Granted’s series of guides on best practice provides inspiration and thought provoking content for business owners considering an employee share scheme. This booklet has been prepared by employee share scheme experts, and provides insight on mistakes often made when setting up an employee share scheme.

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Inspiration to be famous, play with Lego, and think about a brain damaged cat.

The Symphony Legal annual conference provided inspiration on how to work with others and market your services in a compelling way.

Should you worry? Hard Brexit and employee ownership

The UK is hurtling towards a hard Brexit. What exactly a 'hard Brexit' means in itself is controversial and the reality is that we won't know exactly what it means until it happens. Broadly, it will mean that there is no framework for co-operation between the UK and...

Employee share scheme valuations: why, when, what and how.

Why get a valuation for an employee share scheme? Valuations have an enormous impact on an employee share scheme.  Simply put, you need to know the value of the shares for lots of different reasons, to ensure that your employee share scheme is operated without hurting...

How much of your company should you give to your employees?

The answer is easy - 10% to 20% of the company. The difficulty is understanding why and how to stick to that limit! Is this a legal requirement? No. The range of 10% to 20% is based on our extensive experience, of having advised over a thousand companies both on...

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